New collaboration with Luxe :

Pool (Lyrics)

Blue, ripples,
Light, glimmering like
silver lines

My body swimming looking
for your soul
Losing all my control
(losing my control)

Dark, beating heart,
screaming, deep, reaching
Endless floors
Sharp breathing,
Feet moving,
Life fading from my skin

Your words are my oxygen
But i’m gasping for my end…

I’m drowning in your pool
(Save me now)
Your love can be so cruel
(you let me drown)

Air, bubbles,
Waves crashing me with no remorse

My lungs you will them
With your wretched hope
Slowly swallowing me whole
(you’re swallowing me whole)


Jump steady,
Land heavy,
Tiles etching memories….

Votre corps et mon corps
Vous et moi

I’d rather sink and die -
without you by my side
Even if having you around
is like an iron ball I’m bound,
I’m bound with you to drown

You see my heart beating,
You stop me from breathing,

You see my life fading,
From my skin…